The holy grail of effective people management!

effective people management

Today, I have for you a great tip that will help you get better at effective people management. Actually it’s not just about people management, it will work for functional responsibility too. So stay tuned and keep reading. I work with a lot of line managers, both first timers and those with years of experience. You would think that becoming …

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Manage your time better with this simple top tip for managers!

Occupational Hobbies

Manage Your Time Better I was running a training programme the other day for a bunch of managers. The group was made up of people who were new to managing other people. Experienced managers who had never been on formal training and people who were likely to become people managers in the not too distant future. An overwhelmingly common topic …

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Experiential learning, agile employees: Getting our students on the right path – The Globe and Mail

Co-op placements and other workplace learning opportunities are vital to teaching our students how best to tackle tomorrow’s challenges and find their place in the workplace Source: Experiential learning, agile employees: Getting our students on the right path – The Globe and Mail

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How does your Circle of Influence affect career progression?

Stephen Covey - 7 Habits of highly effective people

I was working with a group of graduates recently and as we sat there talking about personal development plans and goals, I was struck by an ever familiar case of deja vu. Oh there was plenty of content going into the PDP and plenty of clarity around goals and aspirations. However, in many cases there was a large crevasse that …

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5 ways to creating followership leadership

Ducks flying, leadership

Creating followership leadership is the next evolution in organisational development If you’re over 40 like me (not far I might add!), then the chances are you will have experienced a couple of major recessions, maybe some redundancy and probably a whole bunch of new ways to do old things that made you think “not this again” or “we’ve tried this …

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7 Tips for new leaders to become great leaders

Tips for leaders new to the role

Tips to help you be great leaders Whenever I run a leadership workshop with first-time managers or high potentials looking for their first leadership step, the same view tends to exist more often than not. It is about being in charge; being the one in power, having the most information, and dishing the work out . This is the classical view of great …

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Getting rid of Silo Mentality in Organisations

Silo Mentality in Organisations

Over the years, Silo Mentality is probably one of the most common issues I’ve had thrown at me from HR Directors, Training Managers and Senior Execs. Usually it’s a case of one team not sharing or working effectively with another with no real sign that anything is going to change. So I thought I’d do an article explaining my view …

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Why Management Training Programmes Fail

Why Man Dev Fails

When I receive an “invitation to tender” or a “request for proposal” for a management training programme I get quite excited. Here’s another opportunity to help an organisation really transform the capability of it’s operational managers, inject more leadership behaviour, unleash a more inspired management population. So, I set about thinking about all those necessary elements that need to be in …

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Why team building should have experiential learning

We learn best from experience

Running team building events never grows tiresome for me and I can’t see it ever being the case. You see, I believe, done in the right way it is still the fastest, most beneficial way to experience real shifts in attitude and performance. A fair number of years ago I learned about David Kolb and his concept of the learning …

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Social Networking Inside Organisations

Social Networking at Work

I’ve spent the last few years fairly well engaged in the various social networking sites and have been using live chat programmes for even longer. There is no doubt that generally people like to know other people’s stuff and keep in touch, however strong or loose the connection might be.  The explosion of sites such as facebook, twitter and linked …

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