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Experiential learning, agile employees: Getting our students on the right path – The Globe and Mail

Co-op placements and other workplace learning opportunities are vital to teaching our students how best to tackle tomorrow’s challenges and find their place in the workplace Source: Experiential learning, agile employees: Getting our students on the right path – The Globe and Mail

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How does your Circle of Influence affect career progression?

Stephen Covey - 7 Habits of highly effective people

I was working with a group of graduates recently and as we sat there talking about personal development plans and goals, I was struck by an ever familiar case of deja vu. Oh there was plenty of content going into the PDP and plenty of clarity around goals and aspirations. However, in many cases there was a large crevasse that …

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Getting rid of Silo Mentality in Organisations

Silo Mentality in Organisations

Over the years, Silo Mentality is probably one of the most common issues I’ve had thrown at me from HR Directors, Training Managers and Senior Execs. Usually it’s a case of one team not sharing or working effectively with another with no real sign that anything is going to change. So I thought I’d do an article explaining my view …

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Social Networking Inside Organisations

Social Networking at Work

I’ve spent the last few years fairly well engaged in the various social networking sites and have been using live chat programmes for even longer. There is no doubt that generally people like to know other people’s stuff and keep in touch, however strong or loose the connection might be.  The explosion of sites such as facebook, twitter and linked …

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When is it time to stop developing?

It’s great that in all this doom and gloom of recession, job cuts, bankruptcy and MP’s expenses there are still companies who continue to develop their people. After all, we’ll need all these well trained staff and fantastic managers and leaders when the upturn comes! So, the other week I was running a leadership programme for a client and I …

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Edge of the Box Thinking

 Innovation Happens at the Edge  By Tom Stevens  (c)2007  In a knowledge-driven economy, chances are greater than ever that the value you offer comes from making use of expertise. Conventional wisdom will tell you that you get the best from your expertise by deeper learning your field, by keeping up with new developments and understanding the nuances and intricacies of …

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Why You Should Study The Best Leaders

Good leaders learn from the best. Why? Because you can see further on the shoulders of giants. In the business world, the best thinkers are often labelled “gurus”. But who are the best? What exactly makes someone a guru? How and why do you apply the best ideas of leading thinkers to your situation? This three part article provides some …

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The Courage To Be Extraordinary

 “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter F. Drucker At a recent networking meeting, I had the opportunity to hear Pernille Spiers-Lopez speak. Danish born, Pernille immigrated to the United States about 26 years ago as a young woman. After a few jobs that didn’t pan out for her, she found herself working in …

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The Problem with “Touchy Feely”

There is no term that communicates quite so much irrevocable dismissal by managers in the business world than labeling an action or activity, “touchy-feely.” It is the most prevalent way of discarding information about people. The term suggests all those really icky “hygiene” demands of employees, dealing with the stuff of relationships in the workplace and God knows what else …

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Are you still “sheep dipping”

  It is a sad fact that many employees are still being subjected to the age old training ritual of “sheep dipping”. This is a process by which employees are “refreshed”, “cleansed” and “re-invigorated” by ensuring they attend set training courses or, perhaps, are placed on the ubiquitous “refresher” course. This refresher course is, of course, necessary, because most employees …

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