Employee culture, retention and engagement

Research conducted by survey organisations such as Gallup cite employee retention and engagement as top of many business leaders agendas. But why? Because in many cases employees have had enough of being stressed and overworked, but more often, it is a thankless task with little loyalty. We see many leaders who are operating at 1-2 levels below where they should be and are more like player/managers than leaders.

Gallup’s latest research shows that only 31% of employees are engaged at work. What are you going to do to make sure you are not one of the leaders leading those 31%? Read more.

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Preparing For Leadership

All too often people are promoted into leadership roles because they are someone who, as an employee, has shown higher levels of performance and capability in their role. They become recognised as the best in their team and so get promoted.

New leaders though are rarely given training to support their transition. In fact, many don't receive training until after promotion when they ask for it, because they are struggling to understand how to "be" the leader effectively. Or because someone else recognises their performance isn't what it used to be.

Supporting early identification of the right qualities for successful leadership and then providing basic training in advance can make a fundamental difference to a new leader's success.

Development Leaders of the future

The Experienced Leader

As an experienced and maybe senior leader, there are many demands on your time and it is easy to forget to stop and reflect on how you're doing.

As your responsibility grows, so does the complex nature of leading a many and varied workforce. One way won't do it for all. It's now about developing flexibility and versatility in your leadership approach, becoming a more effective situational leader.

We work with leaders and their teams to re-establish their understanding of how they should operate to get the best from each other.

Leadership Training & Development

Leadership Thoughts

Leadership vs Followership

Leadership Vs. Followership

There are only leaders because there are followers. Great leadership can only be achieved by creating great followers. These two elements are fundamental to each other's lasting success. At Spirit we know first hand the differential this understanding can make to the performance of a team and an organisation.Great leaders are authentic and care as much about the success of those around them as they do for themselves. Take your organisation's leadership to new heights through our accelerated learning process.

Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership

It's impossible to be all things to all people, but there are times when we consciously need to flex our leadership approach. It's about giving others what they need whilst remaining true to ourselves. We call this "Authentic Leadership". The ability to understand when and how to flex your style and do it with sincerity is the key. Having good emotional intelligence, connecting on a personal level and being honest about your differences are the building blocks of Authentic Leadership.

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